What Is A Curated Ear?

What is a Curated Ear?

Similar to curating a style or a look with clothing and accessories, the curated ear also means thoughtfully and intentionally arranging a ‘stack’ of different style earrings across multiple piercings to create a unique and personalised look. Curating a ear can include adding fresh piercings to achieve a look, or simply dressing up your existing piercings to do the same.

In recent years, curated ears have become a form of self-expression as the same set of earrings can create different looks for different people, from minimalist stacks to bolder looks which consist of studs, drop earrings, hoops, huggers and labret earrings. Every ear is different (even one person’s ears can look vastly different from one another too!) and a curated ear stack can help to enhance and highlight the natural features of the ear.

Depending on the number of piercings, the type of piercings you have and your preferred style of earrings, you can curate a stack that is uniquely you. But before that, here are the top 3 things you need to know before making your way down to us or getting your ears pierced.

3 Things You Need To Know About Curated Ears

1. What are the different ear piercing points?

The most common piercings are usually on the lobe, tragus and helix.

The lobe is typically the very first piercing anyone gets (which means it’s the most common piercing amongst most people), it is also the best spot to don a statement earring.

It’s important to know that while some lobes may have space for multiple piercings, it’s also common that some ears may not even accommodate a forward helix or tragus.



Love the conch piercing but not ready to commit to the pain (and sleeping on one side)? A ear cuff does the job 😉

2. What kind of earrings should I look for to create a curated ear look?

There is no hard and fast rule. They can be anything from tiny studs to huggers and hoops, plain or with enamels or gem stones. Feel free to mix your metals too.

We must say though, don’t be in a hurry to change out your new piercing(s). Cartilage piercings take a long time to heal so ensure that you’re all healed before switching to the new pieces you have, to avoid disrupting the healing process or worst, get an infection.

We are loving these cartilage earrings for a curated ear because they are:

  • made with 14k solid gold, which means they’re going to last a lifetime
  • hypoallergenic, free of lead, nickel and cadium
  • flatbacks – no more poking into the back of your ears when you sleep on your side
  • available in plain designs or with diamonds to add a little sparkle to your ear(s)

3. Should curated ears be symmetrical?

No, there is no rule for it and you absolutely don’t have to as it’s unlikely that the piercings on both of your ears are identical. In fact, we’ve found that the asymmetry from mixing and clashing often achieves the best look for curated ears, but with careful consideration of the ear anatomy. With that said, it’s also totally fine if the lobe earrings match on both sides.

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