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Here at Curious Creatures, we do not label ourselves as a sustainable jewelry brand, however, we are committed to making personal efforts and being socially responsible to the environment as a brand. We approach sustainability as an ongoing journey and are committed to making decisions based on how it affects society, the environment, and working conditions. Together, our little effort counts.

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Silver as a precious metal in its nature can be recycled, thus creating zero waste. 

Silver as a precious metal in its nature can be recycled, thus creating zero waste. Our silver factory is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and works to achieve a zero waste policy within the manufacturing plant where all metal scraps are recycled back and reused in production, reducing the purchase of newly mined silver in turn reducing CO2 emission. An initiative launched within the factory reducing carbon footprint.

Why recycle silver not gold?
80% of our jewelry sold are made in silver, recycling silver instead of gold as our initiative increases the efforts we make as a brand to a sustainable future.

We understand that personal style and preferences can change over time, and you end up with a jewelry box full of old or broken pieces for years. Not quite sure what to do with them? Fortunately, precious metal in its nature can be recycled.

bespoke engagement ring

Our Initiative
Introducing the Curious Creatures silver recycling initiative. If you have a Curious Creatures demi-fine jewelry piece that is no longer worn or broken, we invite you to return it for recycling, in exchange for a 20% discount on your next item.

Step 01: Send It To Us

Fill out the form below and all you have to do is to drop off the item at any of our shops or mail it to us (at your own cost).

Step 02: Shopping Discount

After you item has been assessed and verified, a discount code will be emailed to you for helping the earth.

Step 03: Recycling

Your item is being refined at our factory’s manufacturing plant, and reused in future jewelry pieces.

Silver recycling is usually done on an industrial scale, think of our recycling initiative as an easy way for you to contribute to a more sustainable future. Thank you for supporting our recycling initiative. We hope you continue to collect and love every piece of Curious Creatures you own.

Fine Print // We only accept jewelry purchased from us from our demi-fine collection for our recycling initiative. Curious Creatures have the right to decline a recycling request for any reason.

Contact Us
Fill in the form to let us know you would like to recycle your curious creatures jewelry. 
We will email you the instructions for shipping to return your jewelry pieces.

Recycling Initiative
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