Stones & Meaning

Here's a list of some semi-precious stones commonly found in our jewelry collection and keywords relative to each stone. For reference only. 

Amazonite : Expression, Balance, Inspiration
Peace, Psychic, Sobriety, Stability,
Apatite (Blue) : Clarity, Spiritual Guidance, Self Expression
Aquamarine : Protective, Communication, Calming

Blue Lace Agate : Gentleness, Tranquility, Communication

Chalcedony : Brotherhood, Balance, Stability
Citrine : Cleansing, Energise, Wealth

Diamond : Clarity, Creativity, Fortitude, Enlightenment

Emerald : Compassion, Love, Acceptance

Romance, Love, Self-Confidence 

Psychic Healing, Curiosity, Sobriety

Jasper : Protection, Balance, Creativity

Kyanite (Blue) : Communication, High Vibration, Dreaming

Intuition, Magic, Protection
Lapis Lazuli : Communication, Intuition, Inner Power
Larimar : S
erenity, Balance, Healing

Moonstone : Intuition, Spiritual Guidance, High Vibration
Morganite : Love, Compassion, Joy, Happiness
Malachite : Clarity, Balance, Healing

Onyx (Black) : Protection, Encouragement, Strength
Intuition, Personal Power, Removes Fear
Opal (Blue) : Communication, Creativity, Courage

Pearl : Purity, Generosity, Integrity, Loyalty 
Peridot : Strength, Calming, Reduce Anxiety
Pyrite : Prosperity, Protection, Deflects Negativity

Quartz (Clear) : Healing, Enhancing, Amplification
Quartz (Rose) : Love, Compassion, Self Esteem

Rhodolite : Inspiration, Love, Emotional Healing
Ruby : Motivation, Creativity, Love
Rhodochrosite : Love, Comfort, Inner Peace

Sapphire : Balance, Serenity, Alignment, Joy

Tanzanite : Magic, Success, Stress Relief 
Tourmaline (Black) : Protection, Grounding, Calming
Topaz (Blue) : Creativity, Concentration, Protection
Topaz (White) : Clarity, Creativity, 
Turquoise : Communication, Release, Healing

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