Permanent Jewelry

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What is a Permanent Bracelet?

A Permanent Bracelet is custom-fitted to your wrist and welded close with no clasp. Choose from a range of dainty 14k solid gold signature chains suitable for everyday wear. You never have to take it off but if you really have to, just snip it with a pair of pliers or scissors.

Gather your bestie, bridal party and boo for this modern take on a friendship bracelet, an alternative to commitment rings, a mother-daughter jewelry or simply as a gift for yourself.

Be the first in Singapore to experience this viral jewelry trend seen on Instagram and TikTok

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How do I get a Permanent Bracelet?

Bracelet Pricing

Prices start from S$109 onwards for a Permanent Bracelet. Chains are available in solid 14k yellow gold with a selection of 14k white gold and 14k rose gold options. Subject to seasonal availability.

Each piece is measured to fit your wrist. The listed prices are for up to a 7-inch wrist. Additional chains for wrists above 7" will be subjected to an extra charge.

get zapped, permanent jewelry


29 Nov - 9 Dec 2022

12 - 16 Dec 2022
19 Dec 2022 onwards

333 Kreta Ayer Road #03-21
Mon to Fri, 1 - 6pm


10 & 11 Dec 2022 FULLY BOOKED
17 & 18 Dec 2022 FULLY BOOKED

#01-175 Great World
Sat & Sun, 1 - 8pm

Each 20 min appointment is meant for 1 person only. If you’re coming in pairs, please book 2 appointments,

We always try to accommodate walk-ins, however, pre-booked appointments have priority.

A $25 deposit is required to confirm each appointment, which is applied towards the cost of your bracelet (but non-refundable if your appointment is canceled within 24 hours, or if you do not show up to your appointment.)

Your appointment is confirmed only when the deposit is paid.

Please arrive on time to prevent delays or pushbacks.

The minimum welding age is 12. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

We do not recommend this process if you ever had an allergic reaction to 14k gold.

We do not offer refunds for this service. All sales are final.

Interested in a private / group event?
We offer private bookings for groups of 10 or more or a welding booth at larger-scale events. At this time, we offer private events at your preferred location, and a pre-booking of 4-6 weeks in advance. Reach out to us at for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Permanent Bracelet?
A Permanent Bracelet is a custom-fitted bracelet, measured to your wrist without a clasp or extensions. It is welded permanently with a jump ring using 14k solid gold chains for a fuss-free experience with no maintenance required.

Can I remove the bracelet?
You cannot remove the bracelet on a daily basis, however, you can remove it semi-permanently by snipping the jump ring with sharp scissors/pliers or visiting any one of our stores. You can keep the chains and have them re-welded when you’re ready to commit again (a $10 fee applies).

What if my bracelet snaps?
We’ve got you covered! Your Permanent Bracelet is held together by a strong welding bond. In an incident, if your bracelet snaps within 30 days, email us at to make an appointment to have it re-welded on the house.

While 14k jewelry is strong and sturdy, it can snap when tugged. You can get your bracelet re-welded for a small fee of SG$10 after the 30-day period.

Will I have issues going through airport security?
Nope! We have traveled with our Permanent Bracelets and never had an issue.

When will I ever need to remove my bracelet?
You will probably only need to remove your bracelet when you’re doing an MRI, CT SCAN, X-ray or an operation. Consult your doctor if you will be required to remove your permanent jewelry during such circumstances. If required, make sure to cut it at the ring, store it safely, and bring it back to us for a re-weld!

Is it painful?
Not at all! The flash/ spark will not hurt you. Nonetheless, we will cover your wrist with a piece of fabric for protection just in case.

Can I cancel my appointment?
Yes, you can. All cancellations should be made at least 24 hours before your appointment. Your deposits will be forfeited for cancellations made after 24 hours or no-shows. Cancellations made before 24 hours can be rescheduled for a different date.

Can I weld a demi-fine bracelet permanently?
No. We use 14k solid gold due to its durability and quality which will last way longer with less care for 24/7 wear. Demi-fine jewelry with plating will require to be removed in order to keep its plating shiny and last longer.

Can I bring my own chain?
No. We only work with the chain selection in-store to prevent future issues with quality.

Can I use my curious insider points for the bracelets?
Unfortunately, discounts are not applicable to this service, however, you can still earn insider points for the purchase.

Can we choose other types of jewelry than bracelets?
For now, we only offer the services for Permanent Bracelets.

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