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We partner with sustainable factories and jewelers who are committed to their craft, practices, and materials, and only produce in small batches to main quality over quantity.

At Curious Creatures, we are committed to quality, not only of our products, but of the conditions in which they are produced. We select our partners carefully base on their values, skills and ethical practices.

We work with factories that are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the international standard bearer for ensuring accountability for sustainability, fair trade and integrity within the jewelry industry. 30% our partners are small family-run businesses with ethical production and mining practices.

demi fine jewelry

Made in 925 Sterling Silver, our demi-fine collection is hypoallergenic, without lead, nickel and cadmium. Each piece is electroplated with 1-micron 18k Gold, Rose-gold or Rhodium and finished with an additional coat for longer-lasting wear.

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demi fine jewelry

Silver jewelry in its nature can be recycled, thus creating zero waste. Our silver factory is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and works on a zero waste policy within the manufacturing plant. All metal scraps are recycled back and reused in production, reducing the purchase of newly mined silver in turn reducing CO2 emission. 

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14k fine jewelry

A sweet spot between demi-fine and A Fine Line, a ready-to-wear collection of 14k fine jewelry for everyday and a lifetime. Accented with diamonds and AAA grade gemstones for maximum shine.

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Fine jewelry

A collection made in 18k solid gold, it is one that will last a lifetime. Each piece is hand-crafted and finished by an experienced craftsmen and closely inspected before handing over to you. We work with partners from all over the globe to source for unique gemstones. Our high quality melee diamonds are F-H, VS1 quality, and all our diamonds goes through a Kimberley Process (KP) to ensure they are ethically sourced and follow responsible practices.

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sliced diamond ring

Conflict-free diamonds vs Ethical diamonds

You may have heard the term 'conflict-free’ and ‘ethical diamonds’. Conflict-free diamonds are those used to finance civil wars. Conflict-free diamonds on the other hand do not endorse child labour or poor working conditions, instead, they are mined in areas that are controlled by recognized governments. It is the Kimberly Process that makes it more difficult for conflict diamonds to be in circulation.

Ethical diamonds on the other hand are diamonds that are mined in safe conditions, where miners are paid a fair wage, ethical working conditions, and no human rights are compromised. 

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