Bespoke - The Process

bespoke engagement ring

Step 01 : Pre-Consultation

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We understand the thought of customizing can be daunting at times. You have lots of questions and reservations. Let’s make it easier by starting with a conversation. Talk to us, we’re here to make your dream piece of jewelry come true. Write to us by submitting the enquiry form here.

After receiving the initial enquiry, we ask you to browse our Bespoke Archive and Instagram Feed, create a simple mood / Pinterest board with references of styles, gemstones and designs that you like. We will email a few questions to help guide us in preparation of your first consultation. Have in mind some ideas, stone type, deadlines and a rough budget. This process provides us with important information about your preferences and needs to build a brief.

Step 02 : The Consultation

bespoke engagement ring

Your pre-scheduled appointment is a casual, no-obligation consultation with our head designer, here we have a better understanding of what you are looking to create.

At this stage, we look at styles, gemstones, budgets, time frames etc. We'll fuel you with all the information you need to digest and decide.

We have design samples in-store for trying, this way you can test designs to your preference and liking. At the same time, you can view the selection of gemstones available for picking and try out the various cuts and colors.

To proceed to the next step of creating your one-of-a-kind bespoke jewelry, a minimal deposit is required.

Step 03: Design and Sourcing

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bespoke color change sapphire ring

Once we have the all the details planned out, the design process takes 1-3 weeks, along with sourcing for gemstones where necessary. Sourcing for the right gemstone can take as little as a day or two to several months depending on the rarity of gemstone required for the project. We work with trusted suppliers from all over the globe for ethically sourced gemstones.

When designing your piece, we take into consideration your lifestyle, work, personal style, and budget to create your very own one-of-a-kind. We believe that every piece of bespoke jewelry should withstand the test of time, to eventually be handed down for generations as a modern heirloom and tell a story, a reflection of the wearer - You.

Ready to go on this journey? Reach out to us here

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