How to Wear Mixed Metal Jewelry

We get asked this a lot – “Is it okay to mix metals?” “All my jewelry are in silver but I want a gold permanent bracelet. Will it look weird?” The quick answer is YES! You can mix, and no it’s not weirdBut we’re not gonna lie, it takes a tiny bit more effort compared to simply wearing your jewelry in a single metal colour. When done properly, the results can make your overall look stand out, even if you’re just in basics and staples.

Here are our top 3 tips for wearing mix metals – for beginners:

1. Layer

No matter which piece of jewelry you’re going to mix, start by adding layers, such as:

Necklacesbracelets or anklets in different lengths, textures, and with pendants or charms of different sizes. Layering a plain silver chain with a gold one that has a gold (or silver)pendant is one way to start too!

Pair rings of varying thickness and texture. You can stack them on top of each other or spread across different fingers on the same hand.

For starters, try pairing gold and silver rings, or gold and rose gold rings. 

Multiple piercings? Lucky you! Try a combination of earrings from huggies, hoops and studs to create your own ear curations. You can even reach out for a cuff to fake that extra piercing 


Balance the number of metal pieces for each colour. For instance, wearing full silver jewelry with just 1 piece of gold necklace may look too stark in contrast. Mix evenly for a more cohesive look, like a gold and silver necklace, and a silver and rose gold braceletMake the mixing feel more intentional bwearing an (almost) equal number of silver and gold jewelry piecesor select jewelry of similar size and styles.

3. Experiment

There is no hard and fast rule for mixing metals. They key is to simply try various combinations to find the most aesthetic look that works for you. Sometimes, even the simplest of jewelry can add dimensions to your outfit and overall look! Watch how we layer permanent anklets in 3 metal colours on TikTok here!

Tip! 💡

good point to start mixing metals is to mix pieces that complement your skin tone. Yellow gold and rose gold complement warmer skin undertones, while silver goes well with cooler undertones. 

Ready to mix?

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