Permanent Jewelry: Everything You Need To Know

By now you would have heard that permanent jewelry has come to sunny Singapore (finally!!) – either through TikTok, IG or that friend who just got zapped recently. Since launching our Permanent Bracelets in November 2022, we have zapped over a thousand hands (!!!) and here are the top 5 most frequently asked questions we get all. the. time.

1. What exactly is a Permanent Bracelet?

A Permanent Bracelet is custom-fitted to your wrist and welded close seamlessly with a jump ring without any clasp. It’s kind of permanent because you can’t take it off like you normally would for a clasped bracelet but fret not, you can always cut it off if you absolutely have to.

2. What’s the process to get a permanent bracelet?

Step 1: Make an appointment here.

Read our T&Cs before making an appointment so you know what you’re getting into!


Step 2: Come for your appointment and choose a chain (and charm!)

Do come earlier or on time to choose a chain. You’ll also be able to add charm(s) to your bracelet based on the available selection. View all chains and charms here.


Step 3: Get measured

We will measure your wrist and give you the most comfortable fit based on your wrist size. Some things to note:

  • How you feel when you let the bracelet slide up and down your wrist, when you bend your wrist
  • Leave some space for water retention
  • How it falls when layered with other bracelets, if any

 Once you’re happy with the fit, it’s time to…

Step 4: Get zapped!

We call the process of welding the jump ring close ‘zap’. There will be a tiny spark to close the jump ring seamlessly. Even though it’s painless (there’s no feeling at all!), your wrist will be covered with a protective cloth.

 And that’s it!

 3. Can it get past airport security?

 Yes! Our entire team have travelled with our permanent bracelets and have not encountered any issues. One of our customers also shared her experience here.

4. Why don’t we offer silver?

Silver is less durable than gold, and is unlikely to stand the test of time that we expect of our permanent bracelet. We do offer chain options in white gold if you prefer the look of silver!

5. What is 14k solid gold, and will it tarnish?

Unlike silver, 14k solid gold is known to maintain its shine for a significantly long time because it contains a higher percentage of pure gold than other types of alloyed gold jewelry like 10k or 12k, and those without gold at all.

Solid gold means the piece of jewelry is made entirely of gold – inside and out – while gold vermeil or gold plated is having a layer of gold plated on a base metal. The colour of solid gold will not fade.

All karats of gold are technically gold alloys which consist of gold and other metals. 14k solid gold is composed of 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloy, known for its durability for everyday wear, affordability and appearance.

Now if you’re ready to put some sparkles on your wrist or take your friendship bracelet to the next level with a BFF, book a slot here now! Don’t forget to read the full FAQ and T&Cs here.

View price list and available designs for chains and charms here.

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