Introducing... 14k fine

The latest addition to the Curious Creatures family. 

Modern classics straight from our HQ, designed specially for you, in 14k solid gold, frosted with ethically sourced diamonds.

14k Solid Gold
We call this everyday gold.
Finer quality for everyday, for your fine self. 

Conflict-Free Diamonds and Ethical Diamonds        
You may have heard the term 'conflict-free’ and ‘ethical diamonds’.

Conflict-free diamonds are those used to finance civil wars. Conflict-free diamonds on the other hand do not endorse child labour or a poor working conditions, instead they are mined in areas that are controlled by recognised governments. It is the Kimberly Process which makes it more difficult for conflict diamonds to be in circulation.

Ethical diamonds on the other hand are diamonds which are mined in safe conditions, where miners are paid a fair wage, ethical working conditions, and no human rights are compromised.

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