How to take care of your engagement ring

An engagement ring is probably one of the most precious piece of jewelry you will ever receive and you must be wondering how you should take care of it, should you wear it everyday, can you put it into a sonic cleaner etc?


Here’s our top 3 tips on how to take care of your engagement ring, or any fine jewelry with precious stones for that matter.

  1. Clean your ring regularly

 The best way is definitely to book cleaning sessions with your jeweler routinely but you can also clean the ring yourself once every few weeks if you can’t find time for a professional to do it.

The DIY Way

Soak your ring in a cup of warm water and let it sit for a few minutes for buildups and dirt to ‘soften’. Using a soft-bristle brush (like a baby toothbrush), gently scrub the stone and basket, especially under the stone where buildups and dirt usually gather, then rinse and pat dry. You should see that your stone is sparklier than before as the buildups are no longer blocking the light interactions in the stone.


For those who prefer a more professional cleaning tool, check out the Town Talk Jewellery Cleaning Wand, a 2-in-1 cleaning brush which also comes with a microfibre cloth for polishing your jewelry after cleaning.

The Ultrasonic Way

With ultrasonic cleaners easily available for purchase these days, you can also invest in one to clean your rings and jewelry. Most ultrasonic cleaners are able to remove the tiniest of dirt particles from the nooks and crannies of your jewelry.

However, ultrasonic cleaners are only suitable for solid gold jewelry and hard gemstones. Soft gemstones such as (but not limited to) opals, pearls, moonstones, tanzanites, as well as heavily included gemstones like salt and pepper diamonds and emeralds, should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

If you’ve gotten your bespoke engagement ring (or any bespoke jewelry) with us, you can book a complimentary basic cleaning session. Email to enquire.

  1. Schedule annual ring check-ups

Get the prongs and setting checked by your jeweler at least once every 12-18 months to make sure the prongs are tight, stones are intact, and everything is in place. Diamonds may be one of the world’s hardest natural materials but they can still suffer a cut or chip!

If you’ve gotten your bespoke engagement ring (or any bespoke jewelry) with us, you can also book a ring health check. Email to enquire.

Lastly, and almost importantly…

  1. Know when to remove your ring

 While day-to-day activities won’t harm your jewelry and it’s okay to leave your ring on, there are times when you know it’ll be exposed to harsh chemicals or possible damages.


Scenarios while wearing your ring

What kind of risks/damage?

In the shower

Cloudy build ups on/under the stone from using hair and beauty products such as soap, lotion, coloured shampoo (😮), conditioner

  • Working out in the gym (such as weight-lifting)
  • Contact sports
  • Or any activities that put pressure on your ring (and that includes tennis and even your downward dogs!)
  • Band go out of shape
  • Smaller stones fall out
  • Serious injuries like ring avulsion
  • Using hand sanitizer while wearing your ring
  • Wearing your ring and doing housework involving cleaning agents
  • Basically anything that comes into contact with harsh chemicals
  • Discolouration of the band
  • Dull the stone’s sparkle

 Though not immediately, the chemicals are bound to damage your ring over time. BUT, we’re not saying you should stop using hand sanitizers or cleaning agents for housework, just remove your ring when you do.

In the pool

  • Discolouration of the band
  • Dull the stone’s sparkle

With that said, occasional dips in the pool is fine, just be sure to rinse with water and dry it properly after.

To the beach

  • Fall off in the ocean and get swept away
  • Sand can scratch your band or get wedged in the setting

To sleep

  • Snag your pillow or sheets
  • Get caught in your hair
  • Scratch yourself (ouch!)
  • Slip off in the middle of the night and lose it


We’ve heard that one of the best ways to protect your ring is to have ring dishes around the house such as kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms so there is a designated area for your ring in case you need to take it off, and you know exactly where to find it when you need to put it back on (instead of losing it!).

And if you do, for any reason, need a new bespoke ring (or any jewelry), hit us up 😉

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