Engagement Ring Trends You'll See In 2023

Like popular runway styles, engagement ring designs also see trends that come and go. In 2023, we are seeing engagement ring trends that are steering away from traditional, cookie-cutter styles, though uniqueness has always been a common theme – from meaningful designs to unconventional stones. Read on for popular engagement ring trends to look out for in 2023.

Rings with Coloured Gemstones

The entire jewelry market would agree that coloured-stones have become increasingly popular as the center and main stone(s), catching up with diamonds as favourites.

Since launching our bespoke jewelry services in 2019, coloured gemstones, especially those with hues of blue and teal like parti sapphires, have been in high demand.

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Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring

Going against the grain of traditional colourless diamonds is the salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. A favourite amongst the modern bride who does not follow conventional ideals, we foresee this trend to continue into 2023 and beyond.

Rings with Stone Clusters

Customers are slowly becoming more adventurous with their choices, opting for designs that resonate with their partners’ individuality. Striking pieces like gemstone cluster rings are unique and interesting to look at, befitting for those who cannot decide between a round gemstone or an oval gemstone, diamond or sapphire – and now they can have both, and more.

Tois et Moi Rings

We often want our jewelry to tell a story through its meaningful design. In French, ‘toi et moi’ means ‘you and me’, and as the name suggests, such style features 2 main stones, signifying you and your significant other. Whether it’s each of your birth stones or favourite stones, this style is the ultimate romantic symbolism of your love for each other.

Single Gemstone Ring

Sometimes, simple is best. No halo, no diamonds on band, just a center stone. For such styles, we see customers gravitating towards bezel setting, double-prong as well as milgrain or hammered band, moving away from traditional band and classic pronged designs.

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