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curious creatures about us

Curious Creatures is a jewelry brand and much more. We aim to inspire and be inspired by our community, this fuels the unique bond between us and you.

We design jewelry for your every occasion and life moment, both big and small.

We design demi-fine and fine jewelry for the creative-minded woman with an individual sense of style and spirit. She is drawn to the idea of standing out from the masses without following trends. And we want to create an experience for you to lose and eventually find yourself in the pieces you dearly own.

We are committed to designing modern classics that you can wear and mix from collections past, present, and future.

All Curious Creatures are designed in-house with you in mind for your every day, we believe in personal jewelry, not a statement. Inspiration sparked through the raw nature of gem stones, travels and nature, we fuse elements into unexpected every day jewelry with modern silhouettes. Every product featured in our collection encapsulates an eclectic vibe, a sense of the unexpected and a curious exploration of ideas. We partner with factories and jewellers who are committed to their craft, practices and materials, and only produce in small batches to maintain quality over quantity. 

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