One-of-a-kind 18k Solid Gold Abstract Ear Studs - Sapphire and Pearl 01
One-of-a-kind 18k Solid Gold Abstract Ear Studs - Sapphire and Pearl 01

One-of-a-kind Inverse Ear Studs - Sapphire and Diamond in 18k Solid White Gold


Incl. GST

If you're looking for the perfect simple pair of everyday earrings, the Inverse Ear Studs are for you. The delicate looking earring has a beautiful princess cut with a touch of sparkle (who can ever say no to diamonds?).

The versatility and timelessness of these earrings makes it wonderful to pass it on in the future.

One-of-a-kind, exclusively at Ion.

• 18k White Gold
• 0.48ct Princess-cut Parti Sapphire
• 0.07ct Diamonds

18k solid gold
Made in 18k solid gold, it is one that will last a lifetime. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted.

We work with partners from all over the globe to source unique and ethically sourced gemstones. All diamonds go through a Kimberly Process (KP) to ensure they are ethically sourced and follow responsible practices.

Care and Wear
Keep it dry. Never bathe or spray perfume on your jewelry. Chemical reactions with perfume, hair products and other elements such as perspiration can lead to tarnishing.

Never shower with Opal and Turquoise jewelry. They can cause discoloration to the stone.

Over time, platings will start to wear. This is the normal wear and tear process of any type jewelry. 

Never use abrasives chemicals or products to clean your jewelry. Any alcohol based products can tarnish gold and silver plating irreperably. We recommend using TownTalk Anti Tarnish Silver Polishing cloth.

After each wear, rinse your jewelry with water and gently wipe each piece clean of make up and skin oils with a polishing or cotton cloth. 

Humidity is the enemy. Seal and store your pieces in a ziplock after cleaning it (never keep your jewelry in the bathroom).

Store jewelry away from sunlight. The sun may fade some gemstones.

Always store jewelry separately so it doesn’t scratch other jewelry or get tangled.

Love your jewelry - the more you wear, the less it oxidise.

Keep it clean and enjoy!

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