Hello there... it's been awhile. A year has gone by so quickly and lots have changed since. Let's wind back to July, when we decided to move out of our old studio at 87B KS. Remember that place? If you've been there, you'd remember the climbing of 3 storey, the nicotine filled air, the honks along the small road... those are now a thing of the past.

Sometime in July, we decided it was time to move and we went on an early search for a place that truly reflects us, a place to create with a showroom for you to visit. We strolled around the neighbourhood (yes, we love this area) and recalled the potential we saw in this block just a stone throw away. A short stroll and visit after, we knew we found it. And after months of waiting, everything fell into place... it was meant to be. 

Why a shop+studio you ask.
A retail mall would be way too costly for a small business like ours and definitely not quaint enough. We wanted a space where creative ideas can grow. A place you can hang around, shop and have a cup of coffee with us, like walking into a friend's home. A shop+studio feels casual and welcoming, nothing too serious, pretty much like us and exactly how we want you to feel. If you haven't been here during the launch, swing by to say hi or sit for a chat. 

See you at 03-21!