ohhowstrange x curious creatures

Ohhowstrange x Curious Creatures is the brand’s first ever collaboration. It is a match made in sparkly heaven. A story of how an individual with a penchant love for sparkly things, grows along with one of her favorite jewelry brands. As both Kimberly and the brand matures, they come together as unique individuals to create a one-of-a-kind capsule collection.

When we first conceptualized the collection - we weren’t certain of the details, but Kimberly wanted it to be delicate and a little eccentric. A combination of asymmetrical settings, odd-shaped pieces like unique, imperfect individuals coming together to fall into perfect harmony and balance. There's beauty in imperfection - it’s what makes us different, and we hope that this collection, it reminds people of the beauty in that.

The collection is also reminiscent of many firsts; 
Gold and green represent the first glimpse of morning light and dew.
Rose and cranberry represent a budding passion and excitement of first love.

This collection (#StrangexCurious) bridges the gap between fast fashion and fine jewelry. It is a combination of precious and semi-precious gemstones like sapphires, tourmalines and white topaz on sterling silver, making it accessible for all to enjoy. We chose a refreshing color palette of dew green Sapphire on gold together with cranberry Tourmaline on rose gold for that fruity punch. All jewelry pieces are made in 925 sterling silver with an 18k-plating.

Each piece is uniquely asymmetrical yet balanced;
- the ear studs (S$89) come in 2 different shapes, a round Sapphire or Tourmaline and a tapered baguette in white Topaz that is perfect for layering, or worn together as a (mismatched) pair.

- The bracelet (S$89) features a round Sapphire or Tourmaline and a tapered baguette in white Topaz that drops like a charm.

- The necklace (S$139) comes with a surprise drop of tapered baguette in white topaz, a round Sapphire or Tourmaline that sits asymmetrically across and a cluster of gemstones as the center piece.

- Lastly, the ring (S$129) sees a 3-stone cluster as a key highlight. 

Launching 9 July, 10am.
Are you curious yet?