I am sure you’ve heard of the term fine, fashion, and costume jewelry, but have you heard of demi-fine jewelry? Demi-fine jewelry blurs the line between fine jewelry and costume jewelry.

Fine jewelry is typically reserved for special occasions e.g engagements, weddings, graduations, and crafted from precious metals in 18k / 22k / 24k gold and platinum with gem grade stones and sold at high prices. Costume jewelry, on the other hand, is usually made of pleated alloys and synthetic crystals, sold at lower prices as fashion accessories. Demi-fine jewelry sits somewhere in between.

Demi-fine jewelry is the category that bridges the gap between fine jewelry and costume jewelry. Often crafted in 9k / 10k / 14k gold, goldfilled or plated 925 silver adorned with semi-precious stones, these pieces are marketed at an affordable price. The demi-fine customer is looking to accessorise with every day precious pieces, whilst the fine-jewelry customer is looking to make a significant purchase.

At Curious Creatures, we design playful, modern silhouettes with delicate chain work and proportions in comparison to the fast-fashion trend-led costume jewelry. We love how demi-fine jewelry allows us to collect, layer and stack without being over the top.

Modern, timeless and affordable.